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 A Gift They Can’t Outgrow


Life insurance can give children a head start toward realizing their dreams and achieving their financial goals by providing guaranteed life insurance protection and guaranteed cash value accumulation.


As adults, your children can access their policy’s cash value for any reason

  • College tuition and expenses

  • Funding a wedding

  • A down payment on a house

  • Starting a business


Never Too Young to Start

Life insurance premiums are based on a number of factors, including a person’s age and health. Premiums are generally lower for children because they are young and healthy. Purchasing life insurance for children now will help ensure they have guaranteed protection for life, regardless of their future health status.


Premium Payment Options 


Life insurance policies can be funded with various premium payment durations. Many parents and grandparents select the 10-, 15- or 20-year premium payment period because they can ensure that the policy is fully funded once the child becomes an adult. 


Whole Life Can Grow With the Child


If your grandchildren or children have families of their own one day, they may want to protect them by adding more life insurance. There are options that allow the insured to purchase more coverage at certain life events (marriage, adoption or birth of a child) or at regular intervals, as needed. This option is available for an additional cost.


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